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Psychiatric disorders are diverse, as are its causes and its consequences. At Centre Medic BM we have a multidisciplinary team with decades of experience that develops effective and personalized treatments which allow patients to recover a stable and satisfying life.

The multitude of cases handled by our professionals has enabled us to develop a proven treatment philosophy that is based on the following principles:

  • Customization: Each individual requires an assessment and treatment plan that meets his or her specific needs. Furthermore, these needs may change over time, so that the treatment of each patient should be constantly reviewed and, if necessary, modified.
  • Adherence to treatment. The effectiveness of the intervention is directly related with treatment adherence. That is, the degree to which the patient accepts the recommendations of the specialist determines the success of treatment, so it is essential for the specialist and the patient together to set targets, and meet them.
  • Individual and group therapy, a cognitive-behavioral approach, are the most common therapies as evidenced by their good results. That is why they are the most commonly used to channel the patient’s desire for change, thereby stimulating recovery.
  • Pharmacological approach. In many cases, it is necessary to combine psychotherapy with a pharmacological approach for effective treatment. Sometimes mental disorders involve abnormalities of the brain that often can only be retrieved using substances only available through drugs and therefore are essential in treatment. To ensure its effectiveness, drug prescription is constantly revised and adapted to the progress of each patient.
  • Treatment should be accessible and initial results should be seen quickly, to get the patient’s decision to initiate treatment to cure. The sooner you intervene, the greater the chance of stopping the disorder’s consequences in time.

Finally, it is important to note that dual pathology, i.e., the coexistence of two or more mental disorders, is common, and that the various disorders require different treatments. The patient should be given the specifications of the different pathologies presented separately.

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