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  • Where is Centre Medic BM located?

    The Centre Medic BM is located in Via Augusta 213 in Barcelona.

  • Who makes up the team?

    We are a multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists, psychologists, neuropsychologist and family therapist, with years of experience in the treatment of various diseases as well as distinguished careers. You can see our resumes here.

  • Can you ask a specialist in particular?

    You can choose the professional yourself or, if you prefer, we will recommend one for you according to the problem or diagnosis. Do not hesitate to explain your preferences, for example, by age or gender.

  • What conditions are treated?

    In Centre Medic BM we treat all diseases related to mental health. Our healthcare experience covers all psychiatric illnesses in addition to leading research in depression, anxiety, obsessive disorders, addiction, or alcoholism.

  • How to know if a person needs treatment?

    The symptoms of different mental disorders are very different, but we can say across the board that a person needs treatment when the symptoms cause great distress and / or prevents the person from leading a normal and fulfilling life.

  • What are the stages of treatment?

    In all treatments the first visit is where the patient raises the issue of concern. On this first visit we provide guidance on diagnostic pathology to be treated and a proposal on how to do so.

  • Do treatments require hospitalization?

    The vast majority of treatments do not require hospitalization; in fact, there are few cases that need hospitalization. However, if you require hospitalizations, such as in some cases of addiction, treatments take place in a specialized clinic, but always under the supervision of the professional from the Centre Medic BM responsible for the case.

  • How long is a treatment?

    The duration of treatment is highly variable and depends on the type of disorder that the patient has. Some problems or conditions may only require a few visits and a short specific treatment. Other diseases may require a longer time to improve and then require monitoring to consolidate improvement. In very general terms, one could say that the standard is that in the first 1-2 months a significant improvement in symptoms is usually achieved. The professional who treats you will give guidance tailored to your case.

  • How long is each session?

    The sessions last between 30 and 60 minutes depending on the type of therapy you need, although the professional and the client may consider it appropriate to agree a different duration.

  • How much is each session?

    The cost of each session can vary for a first visit or a subsequent visit, according to the specialist and professional who treats you, and the type of therapy performed. Do not hesitate to contact us for information according to your case.

  • Are treatments confidential?

    Of course. Patients’ confidentiality is guaranteed in accordance with the Data Protection Act. If desired, we can even assign a fictitious name in order to prevent your identification by other members of the center.

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