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Intellectual Property

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Limitation of Responsibility

  • The main objective of this website is to inform users of services offered by Centre Mèdic BM. The text is purely informative, and shall therefore not be considered a form of legal or medical advice.
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Anonymous web surfing

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Processing of personal data

  • Centre Mèdic BM is the owner of the database of personal data provided by users through the contact forms provided on the website www.centremedicbm.com.
  • Users authorise automatic processing of their personal data provided for handling and answering questions on the contact form. The data is then saved in a file at Carrer Balmes, 415 1er D, 08022 Barcelona, under the supervision of Centre Mèdic BM.
  • In no case will Centre Mèdic BM pass data provided on to third parties.
  • All users at any time may exercize their right to access, modify or, if needed, erase their personal data provided to Centre Mèdic BM, by written request to: Carrer Balmes, 415 1er D, 08022 Barcelona, subject: “data processing”.

General items

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