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Tratamiento Adicciones BarcelonaAddiction is a treatable disease. Scientific discoveries have facilitated advances in the treatment of addictions for people to stop using and return to a stable and satisfying life. Effective treatment allows the affected person to regain control of his or her life.

Previous experiences demonstrate that effective treatment requires a combination of psychotherapy with drug administration. In any case, treatment should be individualized according to each patient according to his or her pattern of abuse and the attendant problems of addiction.

These are the main steps of our treatments to overcome an addiction:

  • First visit. The treatment begins with an initial assessment visit conducted by a consultant psychiatrist in addictions. In this interview the patient shares information about his addiction and previous attempts to quit, if any. This interview is supplemented by medical evidence such as toxicological analysis.
  • Detoxification. In patients with a high level of addiction, the first phase of treatment is detoxification, which aims to overcome the physical dependency on the substance, by alleviating pharmacological withdrawal. The possibility of a first phase of treatment in inpatient in a specialized clinic will be evaluated. In that case, the team that will attend the patient during his or her stay is the same team that will assist in the detoxification phase once the patient is discharged. In some cases, this detoxification can be performed on an outpatient basis, i.e., the patient remains in his or her usual medium but goes to a health center with a certain frequency, the specialists having previously established the necessary resources for detoxification.
  • Rehabilitation. Once physical dependence is overcome, we proceed to the rehabilitation or detoxification, which aims to eliminate psychological and social dependence. At this stage we analyze and modify behaviors related to drug use, and behavioral patterns that avoid relapses are suggested.
    The techniques used in this phase are varied, from psychotherapy to family therapy, and are customized for each case. In all cases, the ultimate goal is that the patient can cope normally, without relying on any addictive substance, and halt the deterioration of their health and their personal and professional relationships.
  • Control. Relapses are not desirable, but are part of the therapeutic process. So after discharge from rehabilitation we will continue doing checks to ensure the success of the treatment or, alternatively, set treatment guidelines. These controls not only give information about the recovery but also an incentive to remain substance-free.

With proper professional treatment and support from the family environment, addiction can be overcome. In Centre Medic BM we have a team with over 30 years of experience in treating addictions and we customize each treatment according to the patient’s characteristics and level of addiction. Discover how we can help.

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